Suite in Al Fanar Hotel (commission, right to use)

Zimmer: 1
Größe: 30 m² / 323 ft²
Adresse: Hawana Salalah Karte anzeigen

The resort development Hawana Salalah is located in the South of the Sultanate of Oman, about 30 driving minutes away from Salalah airport. All apartments and villas have an appealing architecture and a premium design. Hawana Salalah is especially suitable for stress relief and recharging your batteries - be it the good gastronomy, the friendly service, the tropical appearing beach or the clear starry sky in the evening. Several restaurants, cafés and bars and small shops are located in the resort development.

The owner of this hotel suite in the Al Fanar Hotel in Hawana Salalah participates from the hotel revenue (revenue share in 2023: approx. 3,680 OMR). Since the owner of the suite also has the right to stay in the suite free of charge for up to 14 days per year, the total value of the annual returns based on the current price list for the hotel rooms in the Al Fanar Hotel is approximately 4,580 OMR (stay outside of the Khareef) respectively 4,630 OMR (stay during the Khareef).

Per May, 10th, 2024 the revenue share is more than 30 % higher than in the comparison period of 2023.

The price for the hotel suite is 110,000 OMR plus fees (est. 6 to 9 % of net price). 

If you are interested in this hotel suite, then please contact the owner (contact data below).

Dr. Thorsten Möller
Aufgegeben von:
 Dr. Thorsten Möller